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Why Should I Use A Hardware Wallet?


Managing crypto assets can be a hassle. No matter where you keep your cryptos - in centralized exchanges or to yourself, your worries about custody, hacks or phishing never end. That's why you should choose us.

We provide simple and efficient software wallets as well as unbeatable and secure hardware wallets

Online - Assets are risky

  • Using exchanges may result in users being unable to get their crypto back.
  • Risks hacking, including viruses, malware, etc.

Offline - The safest way to store crypto assets

  • Generate and store the private key offline.
  • Eliminate cyber threats.





Beginner Friendly

Everybody, no matter an experienced crypto practitioner or a beginner, or even your grandma can use our hardware wallets with ease.

Software And Hardware, Better Together

Wanna be safe and at ease at the same time when investing cryptos? OneKey is the answer.

The Hub For Your Cryptos

Invest, trade, track DeFi & NFT portfolios, fiat on and off ramps, and even more.



If Wallet Is Damaged or Lost

• Hardware wallet has security settings such as binding code and PIN code, and there is no risk of direct theft of assets if the hardware is lost
• If the wallet is damaged or lost, you can use the offline backup mnemonic to restore asset management, and there is no risk of asset loss

If We Goes Out of Business

• Our wallets are decentralized. Even if they stop operating, you can restore asset management through the mnemonic in any decentralized wallet which supports the BIP39 standard.

Offline Backup Mnemonic

• It is recommended that you use the metal mnemonic storage for offline backup, which is waterproof and fireproof to ensure the safety of the mnemonic phrase
• Tips: Never let anyone else know your mnemonic.

What our users say.

Parabéns pela excelente equipe envolvida,fica aqui meu muito obrigado estou muito feliz pela entre do meu pedido. Excelente produto parabéns!!!!👍

@Agamenon Bernardo

For safety reasons, it is recommended to have a hardware wallet for big money mining. In the words of my friend, only after having a hardware wallet can you truly feel that you own the coins.

@Bitfish, Founder of Cobo

Best hardware I've ever used, super high quality and easy-to-use.

@Jia Fang, Staking Manager of Binance

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