OneKey Lite Recovery Phrase Backup Card


bank card size, easy to carry, NFC, simple, waterproof, secure self-erase, CC EAL6+chip

Restore your wallet without typing one word

Scan. Set PIN. Backed up

It's that simple. OneKey Lite makes the most painful thing in DeFi become easy and enjoyable.

Waterproof and tear resistance

No fear of soaking in water or tearing by hand.

Store your wallet app mnemonics easily

  • Size as small as credit card
  • Built-in CC EAL6+ security chip (same as OneKey hardware wallet)
  • Transfer data through NFC near field communication
  • Full military grade encrypted channel
  • Instant backup and restore wallet app
  • 10 times wrong code attempts erase data automatically

If you're using OneKey App, the best practice as below
1. Copy the mnemonic words and keep it in a safe place at home.
2. Back up your wallet with OneKey Lite and carry it with you.
In this way, once the wallet is deleted or reset by mistake, it can be restored at any time with OneKey Lite.
No need to worry about security X-ray leaks or loss, because there is a PIN code and encryption chip, so that you have enough time to migrate assets.

Due to security strategy, we only open communication between OneKey App and Lite, not between Lite and hardware wallet.
The OneKey Lite card adopt NFC wireless communication, there is no metal contact points on it, so there is no need to worry about rust.
No battery inside it. Its life is determined by the memory life of internal chip, which is generally defined as 20 years.
Without password authorization, it will do nothing, and 10 times wrong code attempts will clear storage. Nobody will find and brute-force it.

Perfectly Compatible With The Following Third-Party Software

Compatibility testing is carried out for all these third-party software.

Professional, Secure And Iterative


Easy to put into your wallet, pocket, envelope, card case...

Easy To Use

Beginner friendly. Everybody, no matter an experienced crypto practitioner or a beginner, or even your grandma can use.


10 wrong code attempts trigger self-erase

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