OneKey Classic 1S Crypto Hardware Wallet


3 mm thick, easy to carry, 100% open source, eal 6+, easy to use, 5000+ tokens supported, all platform supported

Ultra Light

It's a 3 mm thick wallet, close to a bank card, 20.5 g only . You can easily put it in your wallet.

Connected Whenever And Wherever You Want

OneKey Classic has a high-performance Bluetooth module and a slim battery, so you can connect it to your phone to check or manage your cryptos whenever and wherever you want.

All-Platform Supported

No matter which platform you prefer, iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux or even ChromeOS, we support them all.

Extremely Secure

Travel around all blockchains with one wallet.

Perfectly Compatible With The Following Third-Party Software

Compatibility testing is carried out for all these third-party software.

Professional, Secure And Iterative

Open Source

100% Open source and transparent, WYSIWYG.

Easy To Use

Beginner friendly. Everybody, no matter an experienced crypto practitioner or a beginner, or even your grandma can use our hardware wallets with ease.

Tamper-Proof Label

To ensure that every product reaching you is untouched.

Multi-Chain Support

Support for tokens on ETH, BSC and HECO chains.

Technical Specifications

Chip & Connector

Connector: USB Type-C
Certifications and Standards:
EMVCo Certified, CC EAL 6+
Chips: THD89


Windows 10+,
macOS 10.8+,
Linux (Ubuntu 12.04+, Fedora 21+, Debian 8)

Size & Weight

Size: 86 × 52 × 5.2 (mm)
Weight: 20.5

Power & Battery

110 mAh

Packing List

1 hardware wallet
1 usb type-c cable
3 recovery sheets
1 sticker


Display: OLED
Resolution: 128 x 64





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