imKey Pro Crypto Currency Hardware Wallet

Sale price$109.00

8.1 g only, 64 x 38 x 2.3 mm, ultra-thin and light, CC EAL6+ security chip, multiple cryptos aupported, SN code supported, integration with imToken

The Best Hardware Wallet

Invested by imToken

Secure And Easy To Use, Support Layer2

Support: Arbitrum, Optimism, zkSync

Military-grade CC EAL 6+
security chip



5 Years
Market Verification

Protect With Security Chip At Anytime

Infineon Security Chip At Anytime.

Choose infineon produced SLE 78CLUFX5000PH chip with CC EAL6
high EMVCo dual security certification, to ensure that really random,
to give users the highest level of security.

Understand imKey security mechanism

Multi-Layer Protection

  • Private Keys Generated Offline
  • Transaction Confirmed By Physical Button
  • What You See Is What You Sign
  • Binding Code Supported
  • PIN Code Supported
  • Unique SN Code
  • Irreversible Seal
  • Official Verify

Manage The Crypto Assets Everywhere

Mobile-friendly, super thin and portable, simple and easy to use.

Manage The Crypto Assets Everywhere

Mobile-friendly, super thin and portable, simple and easy to use.

Easy to Use, Beyond Your Expectation

2.3mm Ultra-thin & light
Smaller than credit card

Only 8.1g Weight
Super easy to carry

Bluetooth Supported
Use it anywhere when you need

Invested by imToken
Deep compatible With imToken

BIP 39 Protocol Supported
In common use with the popular wallets

Firmware Upgrade
Extend more cryptocurrencies and features

USB Connection Supported
Seamless use it cross-platform

Online Support Ready
Technical support and 1 year guarantee

Explore The Crypto Service of imKey Support Multiple Crypto Assets

More tokens will be supported in the future via firmware updates.





USDT: TRC20 / ERC20 / Omni
ERC20 / TRC20 Tokens

Easily switch and access EVM chains and Layer2

All EVM chains are accessible by customizing RPCs, so you can easily switch among different chains (BSC、Polygon、Avalanche、Fantom、Harmony etc.)

imKey is also a L2 friendly wallet by supporting ZK Rollup and Optimism Roll up, so users can easily access zkSync、Arbitrum and Optimism to explore the L2.

imKey Hardware Wallet Seamless Integration With imToken Wallet

By integrating with imToken wallet, users can experience all services of imToken. Transfer, trade your digital assets, manage and display NFTs.

Technical Specifications

Appearance & Weight

Size: 64mm x 38mm x 2.3mm
Weight: 8.1g
Material: PC face-plate + Zinc alloy shell
Color: Black & Others

Battery Performance

Type: Lithium-ion polymer battery
Battery capacity:
33 mAh (about 4 weeks after full charge)

Working Environment

Input voltage: DC 5.0V
Working temperature: 0 °C ~ 50 °C

Working Method

Connection: Bluetooth/USB
Uprade: Firmware Upgrade Supported

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